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Sectional Overhead Doors

Solex will design and build sectional overhead doors to meet your requirements and specification.

Sectional Doors Sectional Doors

What we include:

Solex will design and assemble your sectional overhead door to suit your instructions. Each door will normally include:

Spring Assembly

Drums, steel shaft, end bearing plates, intermediate bearing plates, bearings, steel coupler, plugs and winders, springs, PVC spring filler (152mm diameter springs only), square keys, spring break device (single spring manual doors only).

Track Assembly

Vertical tracks, horizontal tracks with curve, track nuts and bolts, vertical angle, horizontal angle, side seals, track splice plates, punched angle hangers.


Intermediate hinges, adjustable side hinges with roller carriers, nylon rollers, cable sets, footstep handle, shoot bolt, bottom corner brackets, and spring bumpers, self-tapping panel fixings.


Insulated CFC free door panels, ribbed inner and outer steel sheets, internal and external finish stucco white, dimensions 610mm x 40mm, with reinforced hinge fixing position. Panels complete with end caps, seals, top and bottom retainers. Wind bracing is provided on all doors over 6000mm wide.

We also stock plasticol-coated panel in range of standard colours.


Up to 3000mm x 3000mm Cuspo normally supplies doors as manual push-up, bigger doors are supplied ready to accept either chain hoist or electric operation.


Solex can provide a range of accessories and options for all sectional overhead doors including vision panels, wicket doors, and electric operation. Track options (standard left, hi left, vertical lift, low headroom, follow the roof), chain hoists with a variety of ratios.

Sectional Overhead Door Parts

Bulk volumes of all commonly used sectional overhead door components kept in stock for immediate delivery.

If you would like more information on sectional overhead doors please contact Solex Manufacturing and talk to one of our representatives.